Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love...!! - do we understand it...??

In our life, all that is good, beatiful and true, can be lived and known, but it is very difficult to define and talk about. The misfortune is that, in which we should have been living, which is actually meant to live, has been only talked about.

We all talk and discuss about love, we sing love songs...but love itself has no place in our life. If we search deep within ourselves, we will find that no other word used by us is more false than - LOVE.

It is we human who have turned this nectar of love into poision... and the major culprits are the so called the teachers..., the religious people. We are the product of a culture that is thousands of years old, but we humans are being blamed for being wrong, not the culture. Our culture are being praised...our great culture...our great religion... Though we are the fruit of it, but NO..!! we are wrong and we should change...!! WHY..?? It is quit surprising no one among us dare to stand and question whether the culture and the religion that have failed to fill we human with love in all these thousands of years might themselves be wrong somewhere...?

And if love hasn't evolved in the past, then what is the possibility, based on this same culture and religion, that love will ever fill human in the future..?

Love is within us, it does not have to be brought in and searched from somewhere. It is there within us. The search for love, the discipline of love is not something that we can go somewhere and learn. The love is hidden inside we human beings, it only needs to be released.

Love is our intrinsic nature. The problem is not how to cultivate love....but to investigate...What is the cause of hindrance..? The difficulties..? The barriers..?

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  1. :) its a good start ... hope to read more in future ....babu