Monday, June 16, 2014

Understanding Krishna


Man's mind has always wanted to choose between the seeming opposites. His mind has always divided existence into two parts and chose one part against the other. And from choice arises duality, which brings conflict and pain .
One who chooses will always be incomplete because the part he choose will continue to delude him and the part he denies will continue to pursue and haunt him. He can never be rid of what he rejects and represses.
Nothing in life has to be denied it's place and given up. We have to accept and live life in its totality. And one who lives wholly attains to life's wholeness.

A defensive mind, cannot gather that strength and enthusiasm necessary to win.

Our country was enslaved for a full thousand years just because of our incapacity to fight war. Similarly, our five thousand year old poverty and degradation is nothing but the result of a lack of courage and fearlessness in our lives, a lack of expansiveness in our hearts and minds.

So, after Mahabharata, for five thousand years we have been a frightened people, frightened for our lives. And a community that is afraid of death, afraid of war, eventually begins to be afraid of life itself. We are really trembling with fear. We are neither alive nor dead, we art just in limbo.

In my view, mankind will suffer if they accept what Russell and Gandhi say. There is no need to be afraid of war. But it is true we have reached a point where war on this earth has become meaningless.

War is meaningful so long as one side wins and another losses, but in a nuclear war there will be no victor and no vanquished. It is easy to understand warmongers like Genghis, Tamerlane, Hitler and Mussolini, because they believe in war as only way of life. Pacifiers like Gandhi and Russell believe that peace alone is the right way.

Krishna is altogether different from both of them, and that is what makes him difficult to understand. He says that life passes through both doors, of peace and war. And he says that if man wants to maintain peace, he needs to have the strength and ability to fight a war and win it. And  he asserts that in order to fight a war well, it is necessary, simultaneously, to make due preparations for peace.
We would not have been that impotent if our country had understood Krishna rightly. But we have covered all our ugliness with beautiful words. Our cowardice is hidden behind our talk of non-violence . Our fear of death is disguised by our opposition to war. And this refusal of war simply became an invitation to others  to wage war on us. War will not disappear just because we refuse to fight. Our refusal will only result in our slavery. And this is what has actually happened.

War and peace are twin limbs of life, and we can't do without either of them. How can a man walk one leg alone? No progress is possible.

Now to end friends I'll mention a historical contest that happened about three hundred years agop when countries of Europe where rushing toward Asia - because occupation is Asia had become immensely important for the expansionist power of Europe. But it has no importance whatsoever, and so, soon after the second world war, they left Asia. The people of Asia believe they won their freedom through their nationalist struggle, but it is only a half truth, the other half is quite different.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love...!! - do we understand it...??

In our life, all that is good, beatiful and true, can be lived and known, but it is very difficult to define and talk about. The misfortune is that, in which we should have been living, which is actually meant to live, has been only talked about.

We all talk and discuss about love, we sing love songs...but love itself has no place in our life. If we search deep within ourselves, we will find that no other word used by us is more false than - LOVE.

It is we human who have turned this nectar of love into poision... and the major culprits are the so called the teachers..., the religious people. We are the product of a culture that is thousands of years old, but we humans are being blamed for being wrong, not the culture. Our culture are being praised...our great culture...our great religion... Though we are the fruit of it, but NO..!! we are wrong and we should change...!! WHY..?? It is quit surprising no one among us dare to stand and question whether the culture and the religion that have failed to fill we human with love in all these thousands of years might themselves be wrong somewhere...?

And if love hasn't evolved in the past, then what is the possibility, based on this same culture and religion, that love will ever fill human in the future..?

Love is within us, it does not have to be brought in and searched from somewhere. It is there within us. The search for love, the discipline of love is not something that we can go somewhere and learn. The love is hidden inside we human beings, it only needs to be released.

Love is our intrinsic nature. The problem is not how to cultivate love....but to investigate...What is the cause of hindrance..? The difficulties..? The barriers..?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Emotions....?? - how to handel through Raja-Yoga..!!

Raja-yoga is the process to attain the Divine by ignighting the flame of knowledge of self within. And for so, the seeker should develop strong willpower through relentless practices of concentration and meditation on self, through Pranayam and Asana and an uncompromising austerity and self-control, i.e will.

According to Raja-yoga, in its guidelines for reaching the goal of self-realization - focusing the mind on the same object for twelve seconds achives one unit of concentration; twelve such units of concentration (2-min 24-sec) make one unit of meditation; twelve such successive units of meditation (28-min 48-sec) make one unit of lower samadhi; twelve such successive units of lower samadhi (5-hrs 48-min 36-sec) leads to asamprajnata samadhi (the highest samadhi), the final spiritual & goal.

Success in raja-yoga depends on the moral fitness and earnestness of the seeker.

For more details one can go through the PATANJALI , the founder of raja-yoga.